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Spare Part Supply Service

We provide spare parts, maintenance parts and other supplies for machine tools.

  • ball screws and trapeze screws with nuts
  • linear guides
  • centralised lubrication systems, lubrication distributors, filters, connectors and other accessories
  • hydraulic filters for machine tools
  • roller, bellows, spiral, and telescopic type guideway covers
  • wipers and strips for guideway covers and telescopic covers
  • cable carrier chains
  • spare parts for control systems, memory batteries, servomotors
  • fuses and ventilators
  • filters and seals
  • we stock Westelettric halogen, fluorescent tube and LED work lights for machine tools
  • devices to improve industrial and operational safety
  • oil separators for cutting fluid tanks

We supply spare parts for most machine tools. Finnish importers and foreign manufacturers of machinery and control gear are our suppliers.

We provide spare parts and servicing for machine tools supplied by Suomen Wemex-Kone Oy, e.g. PBR, Union, Forthworth, Kiheung, Famup, Heckert, Eumach, Spinner, Unisign, Bergonzi, Pietro Carnaghi, Hurth Modul, Löser.